In Pursuit of a Story Well Told

Combining the strategic insight of a creative agency and the cinematic skills of a documentary production company, Vignette is uniquely focused on producing beautifully crafted stories. We work with brands and organizations that have something to say. Real stories to tell. We help them dig deep to find their best story opportunities and develop them into concepts that show the heart and soul of who they are.

Story is Everything

Our Approach

Story-Driven Strategy

Content Strategy & Story Development

At the heart of every great brand, there are compelling human stories to be discovered and shared. But sometimes the best stories lie just beneath the surface. That’s where we come in. Our roots in documentary filmmaking and photojournalism define our style and sensibility and provide the starting point for our creative approach.

With a journalist's curiosity and a filmmaker’s eye we work to uncover stories and develop smart strategies for meaningful narrative and visual content. Sometimes a single still image is the most powerful solution. Sometimes it's a twenty minute film. In today’s landscape it’s often 'all of the above', which is why we design productions that yield a rich body of content and have the legs to play out across web, broadcast, print and social channels.

Vision to Reality

Planning & Preparation

Pre-production is the difference between a simply good story and an amazing one. Crafting cinematic stories about the lives of real people requires experience and attention to detail. Though it may sound boring, obsessing over casting, scouting, and logistics is what connects script to screen, vision to reality. It’s the most important and sometimes neglected phase of a project. We take it very seriously (and we make it fun).

the Magic

Production & Post

To be honest, this part is why we do this in the first place. To immerse ourselves in real stories, connect with people from all walks of life, and craft really beautiful films and photography. We’ll go the ends of the earth and take sleepless nights to get the shot - it’s just what we do when we’re excited about a story. We bring that same passion and dedication to the entire post-production process, staying connected to the story from the first to final cut.

A thousand tiny choices shape every film, from producing and shooting to editing, sound, color, and graphics. We make sure each decision adds up to something special, something greater than the sum of its parts. Something worthy of your story.

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